Friday, December 12, 2008



WaKi SNAP! is a fun, exciting new game that has a nice twist on the classic card game, SNAP!

If you have never heard of SNAP, it's a pretty simple game, which adds to its fun and entertainment. SNAP is a two player game. The first player starts by drawing a card and placing it between the two players. Then, the second player draws a card and places it onto of the card the first player just drew. You keep repeating the process until you see a pair (example: Player one draws a 6, then player two draws another 6) when the pair appears the players have to "SNAP" to the cards. First player to touch the cards, keeps the cards. Once the deck is finished the person with the most cards wins. Simple huh?

Well WaKi SNAP! kept a classic version of the game, but also added a few twists to the game.
They allow you to choose from One, Two, and Three decks of cards (determines how long the game lasts).

They also added 4 game types:
(If you can't understand my instructions don't worry! They include a copy of the rules in the game!)

Evens, which instead on snapping to get the cards when their is a pair, you snap when the cards add up to an even number. This mode makes the game more difficult and can get pretty intense when you and your buddy are going at it!

There is also Odds, which is like the gametype Evens except that instead of it adding up to an even number to snap, the numbers have to add up to an Odd number. This mode is just as fun and intense as the Evens game type.

Then there is also 1 UP. The objective of 1 UP is to snap when the top card is one number higher than the bottom card (example: 1st player draws a 3, 2nd player draws a 4) this game type is a little less challenging, but it is still really fun, especially if you and your friend draw your cards fast.

And also, 1 DOWN. The objective is to snap when the top card is one number lower than the top card (example: 1st player draws a 5, 2nd player draws a 4)

And of course there is still the original game type of SNAP! where you snap when their is a pair.

This game has three different card decks. A standard Deck, An Animal Deck, which includes pictures of animals for the face cards, and a Car Deck, which replaces the face cards with pictures of cars.

Also if your in the middle of the game and have to take a break for some reason, they have included a "save" feature which allows you save your game and then resume it later whenever you can.

This game is really addicting and tons of fun! Defiantly worth the download!
The app is available on the App Store for only $1.99. Hurry up and get it!

Also the Developers agreed to give one FREE promotional code to the first two people who email them at with their receipt for WaKi SNAP! So its a 2-4-1 deal. This way you can give your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/grandma or whoever you want to give WaKi SNAP! to as a gift. Think about it....Christmas is right around the corner ;)

Pandora (FREE)

Pandora Music Radio, a popular internet radio, has released an App for the iPhone, iPod Touch!

This app is awesome! One of my most used apps by far.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Pandora please visit and check it out, or download the app!

This app allows you to listen to streaming music, with very good quality. You can search by Artist or Genre. Once you find what your looking for the music will start playing and the album art will be displayed on your iPod! Pandora will also mix in some other artist of similar qualities into your mix so that you can discover new bands! Lets you rate the song on the spot, pause or even skip the song if its not what you are looking for. Also if you really like the song, the app lets you bookmark the song, artist, or it will take you to iTunes for you to purchase it!

This app is really cool and their music selection is one of the biggest I have ever seen!
Definatly worth the its FREE!


AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a vastly used instant messenger. Being one of the most famous instant messengers in existence, of course they would make an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

This app looks awesome. Really clean and cool looking.

Lets you view your buddy list just like you can on your computer. Is grouped off like on your computer, shows buddy pic, has a favorites tab so that you dont have to look through your entire buddy list for a specific buddy, has full settings control (lets you change your message, status, even appear offline!) This app also has a tab for current conversations you have going at the moment. When AIM is working in the background your AIM icon has a red dot on it to let you know you are still signed on, if you happen to leave your wifi connection or disconnect for any reason singning back in is as easy and touching the AIM app :)

Although this app has some really cool features it could have a few more things. I really wished it would support the lanscape keyboard which would make it easier and faster to type. Ialso wish there was a way to leave the app running to recieve IM's even when your not on the AIM screen. And last but not least...the app wont work if you are signed onto aim from another device, which really stinks :(, but besides these minor details the app is wonderfull and does exactly what it is ment to do...send instant messages!

Really cool app. Definatly worth the download! also its FREE!

1337pwn (FREE)

1337pwn is a new application for Xbox Live users who have an iPhone or and iPod touch. This application allows you to see when your friends are online, what they are playing, last time they played, their bio, all the games they have played, their achievments and much much more.

This is by far the best application for Xbox Live on the AppStore.

This app supports the new Avatars, and also allows for you to message your xbox live friends like if you were on your xbox!

One of the best things about this app is the "Import Friends" feature. The only xbox app so far with this feature. This feature allows you to import your entire xbox live friends list to you iPod/iPhone without having to add each friend one by one. By simply visiting from your computer and following the easy copy/paste instructions on the site and then opening an email on your iPod/iPhone.

Again, best xbox live application available on the AppStore. Definatly worth the download and best of all...FREE.

P.S. 1337pwn is working on a new update for the application which they say should be unveiled soon. "The new version is a complete rewrite of the application with a vastly improved user interface." -1337pwn FAQ.

Facebook App (FREE)

Facebook is an awesome site. So why wouldn't they have an app for the iphone/ipod touch?

I Have a Blackberry and downloaded the facebook app for it and it was an O.K app, but nothing amaizing about it. basic functions like notifications about people tagging you in a photo or commenting on your wall, but no actual news feed (like the actual site if you were on your computer).

With that said I was expecting something like that for the iPod Touch, but instead I was blown away by this App. Full news feed, friends list, profile, able to see photos and even tag yourself in them! This app also has something that no other app has for any other platform....Facebook Chat! thats right you can chat with your friends who are on their computers directly from your iPod/iPhone!

Bottom line, this app is amaizng and should be downloaded...especially since its FREE!

Go check it out on the AppStore