Friday, December 12, 2008


AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is a vastly used instant messenger. Being one of the most famous instant messengers in existence, of course they would make an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

This app looks awesome. Really clean and cool looking.

Lets you view your buddy list just like you can on your computer. Is grouped off like on your computer, shows buddy pic, has a favorites tab so that you dont have to look through your entire buddy list for a specific buddy, has full settings control (lets you change your message, status, even appear offline!) This app also has a tab for current conversations you have going at the moment. When AIM is working in the background your AIM icon has a red dot on it to let you know you are still signed on, if you happen to leave your wifi connection or disconnect for any reason singning back in is as easy and touching the AIM app :)

Although this app has some really cool features it could have a few more things. I really wished it would support the lanscape keyboard which would make it easier and faster to type. Ialso wish there was a way to leave the app running to recieve IM's even when your not on the AIM screen. And last but not least...the app wont work if you are signed onto aim from another device, which really stinks :(, but besides these minor details the app is wonderfull and does exactly what it is ment to do...send instant messages!

Really cool app. Definatly worth the download! also its FREE!

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