Friday, December 12, 2008

Facebook App (FREE)

Facebook is an awesome site. So why wouldn't they have an app for the iphone/ipod touch?

I Have a Blackberry and downloaded the facebook app for it and it was an O.K app, but nothing amaizing about it. basic functions like notifications about people tagging you in a photo or commenting on your wall, but no actual news feed (like the actual site if you were on your computer).

With that said I was expecting something like that for the iPod Touch, but instead I was blown away by this App. Full news feed, friends list, profile, able to see photos and even tag yourself in them! This app also has something that no other app has for any other platform....Facebook Chat! thats right you can chat with your friends who are on their computers directly from your iPod/iPhone!

Bottom line, this app is amaizng and should be downloaded...especially since its FREE!

Go check it out on the AppStore

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